Busty Bound Nadia Watches Arielle Give Her Orgasms!

Nadia White is nude and cuffed to a metal bondage frame by wrist and ankle restraints…a fact that Arielle Aquinas, equally naked but the one in control, finds most amusing! After slapping Nadia’s big titties, she brings in the Hitachi wand to tease her nipples, thighs, and shaved snatch. Nadia’s big eyes widen with girlish anxiety with every new move of Arielle’s, and her feet and hands flex with arousal. We like how Nadia keeps looking at Arielle as she does her stimulating tease—very sexy! Bondage orgasms are not just going to be handed to Nadia on a silver platter, though; nope, Arielle is controls when they are finally dished out to her friend’s utterly available pussy pie! She watches Nadia’s face and wraps her hand around Nadia’s neck as she finally decides it’s time for her friend to explode. “I love watching you shake!” Arielle laughs, before indicating that Nadia is going to be climaxing one more time!

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