Twenty year old Una had been thinking all day about the big orgy Steve, her boyfriend was taking her to tonight, and she was hot as a pistol. The last one she attended she sucked off give men and she had enough jizz shot into her ass and pussy to float a battle ship. Una also lapped half a dozen pussies and had a foxy bitch drip warm pussy cum all over her shapely tits.

Yes she was eagerly looking forward to the fuck-party tonight. So much so, in fact, that by the time Steve arrived he walked in on Una lying on the couch and rubbing her pussy through bikinis, strands of wet cunt hair peeking out of her panties. The moment she was Steve Una jumped to her feet and threw herself into his strong arms, pressing her moist crotch against his hardening cock.

“Oh, darling,” she moaned pitifully, grabbing his prick through his trousers. “I don’t know if I can stand that hour’s ride to that party without being fucked at least once first!

Couldn’t we suck and fuck before going? I’ve been thinking about cock and cunt all day and I’m just soaking wet, I’m so hot! Feel my nipples. They’re hard as stone!” Una was already unzipping his pants and unbuttoning his coat. “But, sweet cunt, you’re already dressed!” “So I’ll dress again. I’m telling you, Steve, if you don’t give me some tongue and cock right now– I’m going into the bathroom and get my vibrator! Now which is it gonna be, your big prick or my electric dildo?”

Her excitement got to him. He was turned on by her wantonness that he was just as anxious now to have a pre-orgy screw session as she was. “Let’s have our own hardcore hot sex orgy, cunt lips !”

Steve slipped out of his clothes and began peeking off her attire as fast as Superman-denuding her entirely except for her silver high heels, black stockings and garter belt. He was kinky that way and she too loved to fuck with those feminine articles on. “Heels, stockings and garter-belts make me feel like a whore,” she once said, “And I love that feeling when I make love!”

At the sight of Steve’s 8″ cock sticking straight out in front of him like a sword, Una was seized with passion. She dropped to her pretty knees and, digging her blood red nails into the hard cheek of his ass, Una proceeded to alternately gobble his meat and lick the sweat off his hairy balls. As she blew him and licked his balls, she now inserted three fingers into her slippery cunt and stirred the honey in her hot pot. “Oh yeah, lover!” Steve growled, “Eat the whole thing!”

Every time Una felt he was getting ready to pop, she unglued her sensuous lips and mouth from around his throbbing cock and licked the inside of his hairy thighs to delay the explosion. Suddenly Una realized her cunt ached to have his long tongue wiggling inside and lashing her engorged pink clit. She scrambled to her feet and took Steve by the hand to the couch, where she arched her beautiful butt on the edge, with her pretty back against the pillows, legs stretched wide apart. She motioned that Steve get on his knees between her silken legs, which he at once did. Una wrapped her sensuous ballerina’s legs around his shoulders.


The sight of his rugged features drenched with her pussy juice drove her to new heights of lust. She ground her cunt against his face like a woman possessed. “Now part of my cunt lips, baby, and shove your tongue up my wet hole as deep as you can… Wonderful, darling! Suck the juice into your mouth and swallow it!” Steve could feel her spasming and shaking. Another minute and she’s come. But he didn’t want her to get off yet. So he stopped eating her hairy pussy, pulled her off the couch onto her knees and spun her around, so her round, pert ass faced him. “Let me fuck you up the ass, lover! I’m dying to screw you with the frenzy of a jackhammer.

“That’s it, you cocksucker- hard! Faster! Do my ass! Harder! My ass and my cunt are on fire! Faster! I can feel myself getting ready to juice off!” The moment she signaled approaching orgasm, he abruptly stopped fucking her ass. “I want to come with you in side your hot sex pussy, Una! I want to see your face as you’re coming, and I want to squeeze your tits as we both go off together!”

“Oh it hurts so good, lover! I can feel your cock pressing against the walls of my pussy! Now fuck my ass with everything you’ve got, baby! Ram that big prick of yours in and out, and hold on to my cheeks while you’re doing it!” Eager to please her every wish Steve at first butt fucked her slowly, gradually increasing the tempo. It was only a matter of seconds before he was thrusting his cock in and out of her ass.

Okay, lover,” she whispered, barely able to talk with the passion racing through her. “But hurry and shove your cock into me, sweetcock! I don’t think I can stand much more of his exquisite torture!” Steve unplugged his throbbing tool from her tight asshole, and wiped the tiny stain of brown from his cock on her dress lying nearby. He sat her on the edge of the couch again and hooked her nylon clad legs around his trim waist. He used two fingers to part her wet pink slit. With one deft, vigorous thrust he rammed his cock into her cunt until he felt his balls bang against her crotch.

“Oh, God, Steve! It feels like you’re going to rip me wide open and I love it! I can’t describe how great your big prick feels inside my pussy! Now pound away, sweetballs! Pound as hard and fast as you can!”

And as he plunged his cock in and our of her over and over again, she clawed his back with her nails and sunk her teeth into one of his shoulders. He, in turn sucked on her swollen nippledsuntil she screamed with pleasure and pain. Each time he trust in their bellies slapped together and her cunt kept making a soft squishy sound. Cunt juice poured out of her pussy. his balls were on fire. His cock was swollen with blood and rising come and felt as if it would burst.

Then, like a dam breaking open, he could feel a torrent of come rushing from his balls into his cock and in another second he exploded in her cunt, splash and puddle after puddle pouring into her receptive pussy. At the same time Una’s long delayed orgasm began to go off in a series of small explosions and she plunged her tongue down his throat as she too came. They quivered, shook and heaved for a good thirty seconds before they stopped coming. It was the longest and wildest orgasm either of them had ever had before.

They separated, their bellies covered with cunt juice and Steve’s hot cream, breathless, totally satisfied. They looked at the clock on the wall at the same time. It was getting late. The party would be in full swing by the time they got there. Steve smiled and looked into the shiny blue eyes of his blonde lover. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” She smiled and began to inch her head down to his wet, limp cock. “Unhuh. Who needs an orgy when we can have our own. Just you and me!” And with those words his cock disappeared into her greedy mouth and began to grow again.

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